Brenda McLean


Brenda is a Winnipeg artist, whose focus is on physical performance and original creation and design. As Co-Artistic Director and Production Designer of Theatre Incarnate she has had the opportunity to create and design many original and/or adaptive works ( Brenda received her honours degree from the U of W in Theatre performance and design. She has also trained in physical based performance studies with Teatr Korzenie, John Turner, One Yellow Rabbit, and Tom Stroud.

Brenda has been teaching for the PTE School for the last many years, she has directed the last two Adult Company show, “Buried Child” and “The Weir”.

Recent performance credits include “Fefu and her Friends” with Sarasvati Productions, “No Exit” workshop presentation with Company Link, and the “Talentless Lumps”.

She was also the Costume designer on Shakespeare in the Ruins play “Comedy of Errors”. Additionally, she has just finished her first short film “Collapsed” which she wrote and performed in, and has sent it into distribution with Winnipeg Film Group.