Laura Kolisnyk

Window light from the front and a reflector on the left side of her face. I set up the white backdrop a few feet back and it is being lit by the window as well.

Laura Kolisnyk is a Winnipeg based performer, choreographer, director and arts educator.  An honours graduate of the University of Winnipeg theatre department she has performed locally and internationally.  Specializing in theatre for young audiences, she spent ten years with Koba Entertainment.  Most notable credits with the company include Max and Ruby, performed on Broadway, Caillou, performed in Korea and the United Arab Emirates, and Franklin performed in France! She has written, produced and performed shows for the Winnipeg Kids Fringe and has voiced many cartoon characters. She is also the singer for the funkiest kids band in Winnipeg, The Fun-Key Ducks. When Laura is not on stage she is sharing her passion for performing arts. As an Arts educator she has over twenty years experience, having taught dance, musical theatre, drama and kids yoga at many schools and studios in Winnipeg.