Süss is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in/really gets a kick out of singing and playing along, reading, improvising and creating music. Süss facilitates these musical activities in various capacities.
Süss has functioned as Musical Director for PTE’s Cabaret Company class (2012-2016), for MTYP (2008 – 2016) for the Urban Indigenous Theatre Company and various independent productions.
Süss plays piano, guitar, flute and recording studio. Süss’s recordings include three CDs entitled, i just ride my bike (2007), Baba Yaga’s Realm (2012) and Myths On My Body (2014).
Süss has worked as a singer/songwriter, arranger, improviser, bandleader, soundscaper, side player, traffic reporter and Producer/Technician for CBCRadio 1 in Manitoba, piano teacher, performance artist, guest vocalist, cabaret host and producer, scorer, audition coach and as J. A. Süss.