Winter Classes!


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Registrations for our Winter classes are now online!

Mission Munsch, ages 6-9
How Munsch fun can you have?  Explore the fun of theatre with the books of Robert Munsch. This class is a wonderful introduction to theatre for any child.

Playmakers, ages 9-12
Discover the process of making theatre through creative play. Children explore improvisation, character creation, storytelling, and movement to devise original ideas and bring them to life.

Teen Improv, ages 13-18
Think fast! Explore the world of Improvisation in this dynamic, exciting, never-the-same program. This course can be a great way to improve your existing improvisational skills or a plunge into the deep-end for brave, first-timers. Spontaneity and creativity are the focus of this fun, always changing art form.

Teen Acting Stage and Screen, ages 13-18
Enjoy the best of both worlds! Explore acting skills for theatre and film while collaborating on complex group work. This course will develop your acting and performance skills including camera work, improvisation, scene study and character work, as you progress to scripted scene work.

Playwriting 2
This intermediate class will build on your already-established foundational skills as you develop fresh ideas into script form, or polish existing scripts. New tools will be added to guide you through the creation, re-writing, and workshopping processes.  Classes will include advanced theory, regular, in-class readings of work, dramaturgical feedback from the instructor and will culminate with a public reading of works in progress.

Acting Just for Fun
No pressure. No expectations. Just fun! Laugh and learn the craft of being an actor. Get your feet wet in the acting pool, and discover more about yourself in the process.

Saturday Scene Study
If you already have some experience and want to be challenged, this class is for you. Explore you acting skills, with a focus on scene study. Students will work with a variety of dramatic texts and present scenes at the end of term.

Advanced Acting on Camera
For experienced students with on-camera experience or who have completed at least one film and television acting course. This is an intense Scene Study class. Veteran film and television actor/coach John B. Lowe will provide practical and creative acting tools for professional Film & TV acting

Finding Funny
Work with professional comedians to develop your own sketch and stand-up comedy routines for a LIVE! cabaret performance. The Fall-term instructor is professional Sketch comedy writer performer, Jane Testar, and the Winter -term instructor is professional stand-up comedian, Cara Lytwyn.

Voice Over Level 2
This challenging class will enhance the skills you’ve already developed in our Voice Over class. Professional broadcaster and performer, Curtis Moore, will lead you into a deeper examination of voice and performance techniques and also explore skills needed for long form narration.

Audition for Theatre and Film
This course will demystify the process of auditioning for theatre as well as film and TV.  Learn about the acting business, preparation, presentation and protocol, and the roles and responsibilities of actors, directors, agents and producers.

Spoken Voice
Learn to use your voice to epitomize expression and communication skills. You will discover innovative ways to open the body and free the voice from tension. The course will focus on the relationship between the voice and the body, and the voice and the text. This course is a must for actors and public speakers.

You can register online or call 204-925-5253
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