Custom Professional Development


PTE School workshops will take your staff to the next level in their ability to work together, and to communicate with your customers and clients. Using a variety of fun and easy theatre exercise to break down barriers and build confidence, PTE’s professional instructors will facilitate the transformation of any group of individuals into a cohesive team. No acting experience required!

Call Loc Lu, PTE School Director at (204) 925-5252.

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What’s In It For My Company?

  • Build teamwork strategies
  • Enhance interpersonal communication
  • Develop employees’ public speaking and presentation skills
  • Improve staff morale
  • Become more energetic, enthusiastic and effective!

IMMEDIATE RESULTS: We’re going to help you build team work and communication and then we’re going to show you how to put it into action, right then and there, under the supervision of a trained professional.

COST EFFECTIVE: PTE workshops offer all of the benefits of a corporate retreat without actually retreating.  Help your employees relax and rejuvenate in PTE’s creative setting.

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Getting your employees active and playing together is great.  It’s even better when your employees are active, playing together, and learning the skills they need to communicate with each other in more effective ways.

Why do this?
These workshops develop team building in a way that nothing else can.  Your staff will learn to listen to each other in a new ways, as well as to work together to trust each other and to collaborate openly.  We offer a very honest approach to team-building, communication and inter-personal awareness.

Anything is possible
We’ll tailor your workshop for you!  Whether you’re looking for a one day experience or a week long course, PTE School will tailor make a program specifically designed for your business needs.  We can create a course to enhance any aspect of employee training, develop a presentation to increase public awareness and you can even create and perform an original piece of theatre.  We’re open to anything.  Feel free to call us to discuss your ideas.

Who will benefit from this?
PTE workshops are especially beneficial for:  customer service or sales teams; staff who are required to make presentations; beginning a strategic process; blending or merging staff from a variety of departments and opening up communication between departments.  Any and all companies will benefit from team building within their organizations.  Past participants include staff from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, CHUM Radio, APTN, Riverview Health Centre, New Directions, YMCA/YWCA and Society for Manitobans with Disabilities, among others.

Workshop Rates

Basic Rate:  $1,000/day – five hours

Collaborative Drama Projects start at $2,000 (cost dependent on project scope)

Cost of travel and accommodation additional for workshops outside of Winnipeg

“Thanks again!  You did a wonderful job of making us feel at ease.  We had lots of great feedback.” – Bob TooGood, CHUM Radio

“Our whole staff participated in a team-building and communication workshop with John (B. Lowe, PTE’s School Director). He thoughtfully led us through new experiences and encouraged creativity and boldness. It was an excellent day of learning together.” – Christine Ens, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce